Organizational values of ITFco

  • Personnel discipline and observance of regulations and organizational directions
  • Plan centered , group work development as well as individual work to increase production ,sale and profit of company.
  • Cost management and full cost to increase ITFco competitive.
  • Meritocracy, increasing staff faithfulness to organization and protection of efficient employees.
  • Responsibility and practical commitment to organizational goals
  • Having effort and hard work in duties and increasing productivity and giving importance to effectiveness of activities
  • Seeling partnership , valuing and innovation and creativity and utilizing employs other knowledge and suggestions
  • Customer centered with the approach of upgrading quality , just in time and competitive price
  • Upgrading of safety culture rate , health and 5S I work environment
  • Enabling employees with constant training to increase their knowledge and skill in line with ITFco needs
  • Fidelity to social responsibilities and environmental necessities, laws and social rules.